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As a fan of hip-hop, it's important to always be on the lookout for new and exciting music. Staying tapped into the streets and discovering new artists is essential to staying up-to-date on the latest trends and sounds in the genre.

One great way to do this is by using Spotify. With its vast library and frequent updates, Spotify is a great resource for discovering new hip-hop tracks and artists. Plus, with the ability to create and share playlists, it's easy to share your new finds with your friends and expand your musical horizons together.

But it's not just about staying current – discovering new music is also essential for the growth and evolution of the genre. Hip-hop has always been about pushing boundaries and breaking new ground, and this can only be done by introducing fresh voices and perspectives. By actively seeking out new music and supporting emerging artists, we can help shape the future of hip-hop and ensure that it continues to thrive and evolve.

So don't be afraid to branch out and try something new. Use Spotify and other resources to discover new music and stay tapped into the streets. You never know what you might find and the positive impact it could have on your love for hip-hop.

"Our friend Wade has put together a fantastic curated playlist of hip-hop tracks and other gems that you won't want to miss. Whether you're a fan of classic or contemporary hip-hop, this playlist has something for everyone. Check it out now!"


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As the creator of Twiddle Dope, DJ Nocturnal has made it his mission to create a platform where fans of the Hip-hop genre can come together and appreciate the art form in all its forms.

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