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New Music Alert: King of Gods. No Second - Apathy.

Kings Of Gods. No Second, Apathy's 8th solo album. The Alien Tongue (Apathy) delivers with this album, alongside Stu Bangas on the beats and collabs with legends like Jadakiss, Esoteric, Black Thought, Celph Titled, Pharoahe Monch, RJ Payne and Sick Jacken. I was really looking forward to this album when it was announced and it does not dissapoint!


Notable Tracks:

The Kingdom Of God: Solid opener, sets the tone for the rest of the album, Bar after bar!

Face Down - Headbanger, big fan of the trumpet samples and Sick Jacken delivers fire on this.

Disgusting - Stu Bangas flips Aha's Take On Me, Insane and super creative. Black Thought and Apathy, two titans. on this one, fire!

The Devil's Frequency - My favorite track, the cuts and the hook are really catchy and RJ Payne goes off on this! My favorite feature as well.


Solid album, I'd give it an 82 out of 100. Stu Bangas really cooks up something really unique and sets himself apart and Apathy always delivers consistently dope albums and this is no exception, I highly recommend giving this album a listen.

- Alex Ramirez


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