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New Music Alert: Radio Days - Bobby J From Rockaway + Nef.

, A fusion of Soulful rap, bluesy B-boy boom bap sounds filled with samples and DJ cuts with diverse influences ranging from DJ Eclipse, DJ Premier, J Dilla, Everlast, Nas.



Standout Tracks:

7182313 Interlude feat Hush: Eurythmatics sample goes hard on this, Hush and Bobby deliver heat on this instrumental, I just love 80's samples used like this, brilliant!

Mind Body & Soul: Dope beat, gives me some Illmatic vibes.

Something Like: Nef killed it with this sample, b-boy classic Maria Tambien by a group called Khruangbin, this the first single I heard off this EP and it gets me hype! I don't think anyone can just hop on this beat and kill it like Bobby.

From The Jump feat, J57: Love this track, they've been doing this a long time and they're not playing around!


This Ep is near perfect and it is a pleasure listening to it front to back and Nef's production is very polished and diverse along with Bobby's lyrics and delivery. 89 / 100.

- Alex Ramirez



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