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Twiddle Dope Playlist


Introducing the newest addition to our music library, the Twiddle Dope Spotify Playlist, curated by none other than DJ Nocturnal and Alex Ramirez.

Our Hip-hop Spotify playlist features a diverse selection of the latest and greatest tracks from the Hip-hop genre. You'll find a mix of both mainstream and underground artists, spanning from old school legends to new-school up-and-comers. Expect to hear everything from classic boom-bap beats to modern trap influences, with a range of lyrical styles and flows to match. Whether you're a long-time fan of the genre or just looking to discover something new, our Hip-hop playlist is the perfect place to start.

Follow the Twiddle Dope Spotify Playlist to stay updated with new tracks added regularly and turn up the volume on your next hangout with friends or your next workout session.

Follow the link to start listening now! Click here and listen now!!

Stay tuned for more exciting music updates from Twiddle Dope. Happy listening!




Peace, thanks for stopping by!

As the creator of Twiddle Dope, DJ Nocturnal has made it his mission to create a platform where fans of the Hip-hop genre can come together and appreciate the art form in all its forms.

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